With earlier Seascapes (see Portfolio Sections) I've captured the intense colors (pinks, yellows, oranges, grays, and even reds) on the horizon at sunset.  With Morning Light, I am shooting at dawn or just before.  And being on the west coast, sunrise and its colors are behind me by 180 degrees.  So, the effect is much more subtle, but perhaps no less captivating.  All Morning Light shots were captured on a balcony at Marine Street Beach, La Jolla, California.

An added element shooting just before dawn is what has been called "the blue hour" (see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_hour).  As the sun rises from below the horizon, the sky and its reflection on the ocean go from black (see the moonsets), to blue at the blue hour, to grays permeated with pinks and light blues.

All Morning Light images were shot at 100MPx and ISO 64 with a Hasselblad HD100 at 110mm focal length through a dark neutral density filter.  Exposures between 10's of seconds and several minutes were controlled by setting aperture as appropriate (e.g., see long and short exposures of moonsets).

Morning Light images can be printed up to 48x60" (or smaller sizes) on Fuji Flex photographic paper and mounted on ACM with a 3-mil matte laminate.